Bring personalised RSS feeds into RiSE

Take any RSS enabled content, and connect to it from this iPart. It brings in the RSS feed elements as tokens, which you can then arrange to look like a news feed, blog, or even just like regular RiSE content - just using the HTML editor in RiSE.

Connect your feed to an IQA query to conditionally display the feed if the query returns results - so you can link it to the currently logged in user.

Drop the iPart on any RiSE page, and you have personalised 3rd party content, right where it's most engaging.


Present your data - beautifully

Here are a few of the amazing things you can do with Viewz - 

  • Predictive smart searching - results display and narrow as you type
  • Data can be based on IQA queries or stored procedures
  • Takes the output and tokenizes the fields, so that they can be placed anywhere on a page
  • All fields can then be separately styled with CSS or bootstrap framework
  • Flexible page layouts using HTML markup
  • Handles graphics in queries beautifully
Viewz Cards
Viewz Predictive
SKU: QueryRedirector
Easily create personalised web journeys

Some areas where it can work:

  • Redirect users to change their passwords at set intervals
  • Redirect groups to see enhanced product pages
  • Don’t allow existing members to sign up for new membership types
  • Promote certain offers to particular groups in iMIS
  • Redirect certain users to completely different websites (like a high visibility/accessability site)
  • The uses are endless………

Here’s how it works:-

Enforce Password Change
SKU: WebSenz
Personalised web-analytics for RiSE

WebSenz is a web-analytiics module for iMIS20 Cloud written right inside of RiSE. Unlike Google's anonymous approach, WebSenz tracks each and every page hit to the individual member or donor who carried out the action. This means you can easily cross-reference your web usage data with any other iMIS data, for example:-

See which event registrants or product purchases came from a particular website (Twitter, facebook etc...). See who is looking at your products and not buying them.

See which member-types are become more or less engaged on the web.

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