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Query RSS is a simple, yet brilliant way of bringing content from a non-RiSE CMS, or any other RSS enabled content, into RiSE, and conditionally displaying it for certain groups of users.
Monthly Subscription: 35USD (£27) per user per month flat subscription

Subscription is a flat fee per month, regardless of number of users, and is billed annually.

Category: Personalisation, Web

Take any RSS enabled content, and connect to it from this iPart. It brings in the RSS feed elements as tokens, which you can then arrange to look like a news feed, blog, or even just like regular RiSE content - just using the HTML editor in RiSE.

Connect your feed to an IQA query to conditionally display the feed if the query returns results - so you can link it to the currently logged in user.

Drop the iPart on any RiSE page, and you have personalised 3rd party content, right where it's most engaging.


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