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Now Cloud friendly, QueryCalendar allows you to take any IQA query with date fields and turn it into a beautiful calendar. Enrich the standard iMIS events calendar, with calendars for specific types of events (like chapter/branch events, seminars or exams), personal calendars for contacts (using iMIS appointments), departmental or group calendars.
Monthly Subscription: 35USD (27GBP) per month flat subscription
  • Flat fee includes support and upgrades
  • Subscriptions billed annually
Category: Web


  • Pull any dates out of iMIS in a query and have them display in a calendar
  • Pop-up window as soon as you hover over a high-lighted date
  • Fully customisable layout of pop-up as it is based on an IQA query
  • Display multiple events on a single date in the pop-up
  • Apply out-of-the box skins or use Telerik Visual Styler for your own design 
  • Fits easily into any sidebar on any page or can be used in combination with out-of-box Dynamic Content Items.

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