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ZenLoadr from Zengage is the most flexible, web-based, transaction importer for iMIS. Its easy to use, but highly configurable to allow the flexibility to import the transactions you need.
Monthly Subscription: 45USD (35GBP) per user per month
  • Subscriptions are per user per month and are billed annually
  • User is classified as someone who will be doing imports
Category: CRM, Web


  •     Imports Donations, Pledges or Dues
  •     CSV, Tab deliminated or any other deliminated text files
  •     Define your own mapping template (including variable campaign and appeal codes)
  •     Automated contact matching based on ID, non-matched transaction go against anonymous contact*
  •     Additional API integrations available for JustGiving and VirginMoneyGiving***

* Preprocessing for assigning ID's to transactions is possible

**Additional API integrations are available to purchase and involve pulling records from an API to a pre-processor which does the contact matching and assigning IDs to transactions for import.

Example Video of ZenLoadr being used for Standing Order Integration

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