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Not-For-Profits need to use the web to deliver more services with less budget, by getting supporters and members to self-serve online. Now there is a tool that can allow you to create almost any self-serve interface without custom web-coding.
Monthly Subscription: 35USD (£27) per user per month (min 2 users)
  • Subscription billed annually
  • Min of 2 users (user is defined as an administrator of this ipart who creates/edits forms)
  • WebToolz PLUS licensing available on request
Category: Analytics, Web


  • Agile - a single iPart that simply works with all the standard iMIS iparts, like account creation or Content collection wizards.
  • Over 50 web widgets (controls) that you can simply drop anywhere in RiSE and which talk to any tables.
  • Easily access and edit all the business logic in SQL (it easily passes data to and from stored procedures or dll’s)
  • Granular look and feel  - CSS and responsive grids for all elements
  • Easy form controls -Button, Checkbox, Dropdown, TextBox, File Upload / download, labels, wysiwyg text area etc….)
  • Smart web behavior controls - IP address capture, Browser, device, URL parameters, previous URL etc. …
  • Easy account creation, password creation/change and auto-login controls - create custom signup pages.
  • AFD address verification* - lookup, autocomplete and verify addresses and capture additional census and profiling data into iMIS -make signup easy.
  • Smart web actions - redirect users based on IQA or stored procedure, display stored procedure output, or execute on postback/initial load
  • Dynamic forms - conditionally hide/display elements based on IQA
  • Recaptcha – stop spam getting into your database - drop the control anywhere on a page
  • API push and pull* - send data from your database out to other APIs and pull data into iMIS through the REST API
  • OpenIdConnect* - works with iMIS Cloud and iMIS Traditional. Integrates with modern third-party applications like Canvas, Bolt LMS, Google etc.
  • SAML2.0* - works with iMIS Cloud and iMIS Traditional. Integrates with third-party applications like Canvas, eShow etc.

* available as part of WebToolz PLUS licensing​

Example: Digital downloads with WebToolz

Example - WebToolz for Rapid data Entry



WebToolz with Address Validation (AFD Integration)


  • Roland Sadler, Fri, 10/07/2016 - 13:29:

    Using WebToolZ we were able to implement multiple contact creator pages for a client in both their public and staff sites, each one using the integrated AFD address validation, and including complex de-duplication criteria against the iMIS database. The flexibility of the solution meant that we could also capture a broader range of information for the contacts than is standard. A great tool, simple to use and deploy, but adds real value.

  • Keith Robertson, Tue, 02/21/2017 - 08:17:

    Webtoolz is a brilliant iPart to have in your iMIS system, it can be used to extend all manner of pages created in RiSE. It is extremely flexible and allows you to tailor forms as required, particularly if you are a good SQL programmer. As well as the usual form fields, Zengage have also created multiple controls within the iPart that take care of the business logic and coding for you so that otherwise complex tasks become relatively easy. We have created forms for Account creation using AFD integration, Activity creation including file upload for Activity attachments, a simple event registration form as well as standard data forms that can be pre-populated or not as required. Webtoolz also allows you to re-direct members due to the ability to run a stored procedure ‘onload’ and present a url redirect when needed. A great tool, highly recommended.

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