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All Not-For-Profits face a similar issue - how to do more and grow whilst using less staff resource. The solution lies in engaging members and supporters on whatever device they prefer and enabling simple, intuitive online self-sevice. Wherever possible we create tools that our clients can easily change and adapt, without having to pay for consulting every time a change is needed.

We believe life is a flow, and so too, is every interaction that your constituents have with your organisation. Engagement is a multi-step journey, and our products and services are aimed at helping you to map, manage and improve those journeys.

What our clients think
  • "Alex has a great overall understanding of the (iMIS) product, was able to visualise what we were trying to accomplish and offered solutions to achieve it. He managed our upgrade within the agreed time frame and within budget. His patient and calm demeanour made him a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.”

    Tony Powell, System Coordinator 
  • "I have appreciated Jyoti's assistance, and utter professionalism, always."

    Kevin Burgess, Product Marketing


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